Collection: Beaded Spider Christmas Ornaments - Handmade + One of a Kind

Sold Out for 2023 - Thank You So Much For Your Purchase!

Beaded Spider Christmas ornaments for sale.

Shop a limited selection of handmade and one of a kind Beaded Christmas Spider Ornaments, made by me!  I make each one with care and no two are ever identical.

Each Beaded Christmas Spider Tree Ornament comes with a small printed copy of the "Legend of the Christmas Spider," also known as the "Christmas spider story".

These are beautiful, handmade keepsake Christmas tree ornaments that will bring you good luck for the new year.    

If you'd like to make your own, we also have a PDF tutorial, of my beaded Christmas spider pattern, available in the shop.

Please note: the wire legs are bendable and may require gentle reshaping after their journey. If the legs are manipulated very aggressively (even by little hands), the glass beads may chip. Please handle with care.